Happy Hour - Cat Wondergem

Cat Wondergem

Georgetown, SC

Cat has known she wanted to spend her life creating visual works since her first art classes in middle school with her beloved teacher, Gee Fruit. She studied art at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and has gone on to have various jobs doing glass work, fine jewelry, silk dyeing, and custom pewter work. When she moved from the mountains of Asheville, NC to the Lowcountry of SC in 2005, her work transitioned, as well to include the art of “Gyotaku” (Japanese fish printing).

Her current body of work is lino-cut block relief prints, which she enhances with watercolor. Cat has spent the last 2 decades exhibiting her work at various galleries and outdoor art shows. She is extremely grateful that she gets to make a life playing with color, shape, & movement